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Strategic Consulting



Assessing market opportunity. Analyzing the competitive landscape, conducting local market DNA study, defining target audience, selecting location for European headquarters. Developing launch strategy.


Complete management of local operations, including, office, IT, legal, administration, team development and HR


Designing sales strategy: setting targets, channels, pricing. Overseeing pipeline development, account management, revenue growth and CRM management.


Hiring local talent: screening and interviewing, developing candidate tests and negotiating offers. Designing compensation packages: equity, sales commission, health insurance. Advising on labor laws.


Developing marketing strategy and defining key metrics. Managing end-to-end user acquisition, engagement, retention and brand marketing activities. Aligning marketing and sales.

Budget & KPI Setting

Setting marketing, sales and operations budgets. Developing individual team KPIs. Tracking growth, and calculating LTVs and CACs.

Business Meeting

We Stand For Passion

We love working with interesting, driven people. We love helping bring cool companies to Europe. We work hard to pursue our passion.

Charming Canal

We Stand For Results

We strive for success. Professionalism, commitment, and focus are at the core of everything we do. We achieve incredible results and celebrate them.

Team Meeting

We Stand For Team

We owe our achievements to our team. We work better and smarter when we work together. We share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and successes—and we have a lot of fun.

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