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During our one-to-one we will find out how our market knowledge, relationships and trusted advisors can solve your recruitment needs.

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  • What types of workers can you help us recruit?
    DealTechno can work with you to provide project management recruitment services across a whole range of engagement methods. If you are not sure what would be best, we are more than happy to work with you to identify the most appropriate solution for your organisation.Permanent – We provide permanent recruitment services where we will pre-screen and supply suitable candidates who will become your employee (PAYE).
  • What happens after I've contacted you with a requirement?
    Based upon your requirement, we will allocate the DealTechno consultant who is best positioned to deliver against your needs; this person will become your point of contact throughout the whole process.If you have multiple roles, we will appoint a primary contact who will manage the relationship with you and should there be the need, co-ordinate the activities of the recruiters looking after the individual roles.Because our approach is pragmatic it does not matter whether the recruitment process takes half a day, a week or more; by applying the same principles we ensure that a quality process is used to deliver the highest calibre candidates to fill your open roles be they permanent, fixed term, contract or interim.
  • Can DealTechno help me create a job or role specification?
    Yes we can.All our consultants have years of experience in producing high quality role specifications enabled by their having worked in the field previously
  • We have a PSL in operation for resourcing, how can I use DealTechno?"
    Over the years we have worked with many organisations where a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) or Framework Agreement is in place for recruitment Services which did not include DealTechno.The typical scenario is that we get approached by people in the businesses who are struggling to find suitable candidates through their normal (given) recruitment partners. They recognise the value of using a niche supplier when looking for candidates. But their procurement department has limited the choice of recruitment partners which they are allowed to work with.In this situation we always suggest that authority to work with Dealtechno is sought before the recruitment process is initiated. This may require us speaking to your incumbent supplier, your commercial team or your purchasing department so that agreement can be reached on commercial terms. We are happy to work with you to justify why DealTechno should be engaged and the value we bring to the table and have prior experience which we can use to build a solid business case

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