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Join our Innovation Team

Our team's primary mission is to delve into the extensive capabilities of vLex, seeking avenues to expand them further. We're dedicated to advancing the forefront of legal AI, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine possibilities in Legal.

Daniel Hoadley - Head of Research & Development 

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Our Plan and Journey 

Join us to hear insights from Dan and the entire team about the strategic direction for our department. We will delve into the objectives and initiatives that outline our path forward.

We're diving into vLex's new initiative integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into legal tech.


Dan's expertise, honed at Mishcon de Reya and ICLR, positions him perfectly to lead this ground-breaking venture. Our goal: revolutionizing legal workflows worldwide by harnessing LLMs' power. Stay tuned as we explore the future of legal tech and how vLex is leading the charge.

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Roles Available 

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