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Join our innovation Team

Charles Russell Speechlys is pioneering change with our new Innovation Team, aiming to redefine legal services through technology and creativity. This initiative reflects our dedication to meeting our clients' evolving needs with more efficient and impactful solutions. By challenging the status quo and exploring innovative approaches, the Innovation Team will ensure our firm remains at the cutting edge of legal innovation.

Joe Cohen - Director of Innovation

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Our Plan and Journey 

Join us to hear insights from Joe and the entire team about the strategic direction for our department. We will delve into the objectives and initiatives that outline our path forward.


Additionally, we will discuss the qualities and skills CRS is actively seeking in candidates to make the Innovation Team not just operational, but a resounding success.


This discussion aims to provide a clear understanding of our mission, the innovative culture we aspire to cultivate, and the type of individuals who will thrive and contribute to our collective achievements.

  1. Innovation Manager - Apply Here

  2. Director of Innovation - Apply Here

  3. Innovation Strategist - Apply Here

  4. Product Innovation Manager - Apply Here

  5. Innovation Consultant - Apply Here

  6. Research and Development Manager - Apply Here

  7. Innovation Analyst - Apply Here

  8. Technology Innovation Manager - Apply Here

  9. Innovation Project Manager - Apply Here

  10. Creative Director - Apply Here

  11. User Experience (UX) Designer - Apply Here

  12. Digital Innovation Specialist - Apply Here

  13. Head of Innovation Labs - Apply Here

  14. Sustainability Innovation Manager - Apply Here

Roles Available 

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