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European expansion: Do it well

Our Services

Whether you are born to be global or started thinking about international expansion only recently, we help you develop and execute the right strategy to launch in Europe


Market entry strategy

Assessing market opportunity. Analyzing the competitive landscape, conducting local market DNA study, defining target audience, selecting location for European headquarters. Developing launch strategy.


Product Localization

Conducting research into local consumer preferences. Assessing need for standardization vs. localization. Determining localization requirements in terms of product, business model and marketing demands.


Setting marketing, sales and operations budgets. Developing individual team KPIs. Tracking growth, and calculating LTVs and CACs.

Budget & KPI Setting


Organizational Structure

Assessing organizational readiness. Defining key local functions and reporting lines. Developing team structure (physical vs. virtual, internal vs. third party), defining roles and responsibilities.



Hiring local talent: screening and interviewing, developing candidate tests and negotiating offers. Designing compensation packages: equity, sales commission, health insurance. Advising on labor laws.


Assessing the communication needs of distributed teams. Designing communication channels. Integrating, training and developing team members to build a global culture.

Culture & communication



Designing sales strategy: setting targets, channels, pricing. Overseeing pipeline development, account management, revenue growth and CRM management.



Developing marketing strategy and defining key metrics. Managing end-to-end user acquisition, engagement, retention and brand marketing activities. Aligning marketing and sales.


Complete management of local operations, including, office, IT, legal, administration, team development and HR.


Learn about our recent projects
As we saw early organic adoption in Europe for our platform, we hired Expansion Partner to help us figure out how to best grow in that continent. As a young US company with a desire to bring our platform for learning to children everywhere, we knew little about the complexities of being in Europe -- and whatever little we knew daunted us. Expansion Partner simplified the growth in Europe for us, and recruited a talented team in one central location to manage distributors and customers across 30 countries. They helped us establish local operations with an eye to long term success, while continuing to help us meet the annual objectives we set. They helped recruit and transition to a talented Managing Director for EMEA as well.
I highly recommend Expansion Partner for a company looking to launch and grow their business in Europe.

– Vikas Gupta, Founder and CEO, Wonder Workshop

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