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Joining our team at Amicus means being part of a revolutionary change in the legal industry through advanced AI technology. Our solutions drastically cut down the time legal professionals spend on document review, allowing them to focus more on strategic case aspects. With AI-generated deposition summaries, automatic timeline creation, and intelligent document splitting and summarization, our tools enhance efficiency and provide critical insights. Be part of a team that transforms legal practices, saves countless hours, and significantly impacts the success of legal professionals.

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Our Plan and Journey 

At Amicus, we revolutionize the legal industry with AI technology, reducing document review time. Our tools provide AI-generated deposition summaries, automatic timelines, and intelligent document splitting. By enabling natural language searches, we enhance efficiency and insights, transforming legal practices and boosting legal professionals' success and productivity.

  1. Innovation Manager - Apply Here

  2. Director of Innovation - Apply Here

  3. Innovation Strategist - Apply Here

  4. Product Innovation Manager - Apply Here

  5. Innovation Consultant - Apply Here

  6. Research and Development Manager - Apply Here

  7. Innovation Analyst - Apply Here

  8. Technology Innovation Manager - Apply Here

  9. Innovation Project Manager - Apply Here

  10. Creative Director - Apply Here

  11. User Experience (UX) Designer - Apply Here

  12. Digital Innovation Specialist - Apply Here

  13. Head of Innovation Labs - Apply Here

  14. Sustainability Innovation Manager - Apply Here

Roles Available 

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